Four Tools for Science Fair Success

I have recently finished judging science fairs (MaST Fairs, whatever…) in a couple of different places both in DISD and in another district.  Some schools seem to doing theirs around now (what I always tried to do myself at my old school), while some are clearly waiting for the district science fair to roll around in May after TAKS.

In either event, I thought I’d share some ideas I found in the December 2007 issue of Science and Children.  Here’s the article abstract:

These teacher-tested ideas will guide your students in creating true inquiry-based projects. Two of the ideas, the Topic Selection Wizard and Science Project Timeline, are appropriate for all science fair programs, even new ones. For existing programs, the Black Box of Project Improvement and After-School Project Clinic improve project quality and broaden participation.

I can’t link the entire article, but I can email you a pdf file if you’re interested!


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