Mission Impossible?

I am on a mission to observe 8-10 Leaders in Science classrooms in action between now and April 22.  I KNOW that from now through the end of April is all about TAKS—I’ve been in the same boat.  But my mission to observe as much as possible during the next four weeks is to understand how I can best support you all during this crunch time next year.  If I can see what you’re doing and where you’re struggling, I can focus on how to better help you prepare your kids moving forward.

I also realize that this is an awkward time of year to have a visitor hang out in your classroom for 45-60 minutes.  So I’m soliciting volunteers!  Head over to the Leaders in Science blog, and comment on the post that corresponds with this email if you’re willing to have me visit.  If there are particular dates and/or times that are better than others, let me know that, too.  It’s best if I can get to your class at the beginning of your science block, as I know many of you teach science plus another subject.

In appreciation for volunteering your classroom, you will receive a pair of complimentary MNS exhibit hall passes and IMAX passes, good all the way through Labor Day.  You can use these yourselves, gift them to a student-of-the-week, whatever you want.

Offer is good for the first 10 comments on the blog.

Thank you for your continued support of our program!


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