Eye on Innovation: H.B. Gonzalez Elementary

Alain Mota, the science lab teacher and campus science coordinator at Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary in Pleasant Grove, caught the LEGO® Robotics bug while attending CAST in Fort Worth back in 2008, and has been determined to get a robotics program to Gonzalez ever since.

After a couple of unsuccessful grant applications, Mota’s determination finally paid off with Title 1 supporting the acquisition of the robotics resources.  He has been using the technology from the grant to run a Science enrichment after-school program for the past year.

Mota’s goal has been to pair less-successful fifth graders with high-achieving fourth graders. The students have to-date successfully completed four preview modules of Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Engineering curriculum. The students have explored two robot designs and are currently developing their technological literacy through programming the robots using different sensors to fulfill desired tasks.  

His vision is to clone such a program so that every elementary in his learning community has an enrichment program that allows students to explore STEM through their own curiosity limited only by their imagination and mastery of the subjects.


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