UTeach Outreach tackles TAKS test

Ed.: What a terrific idea!  Wouldn’t it be great to see an extension of this program up here in Dallas?  UTD, anyone?

via KXAN.com in Austin, Texas:

More than 100 University of Texas students this week are charging into 57 Austin elementary school classrooms with their eyes focused on the futures of 1,425 fifth grade students. They are volunteer members of UTeach Outreach , a university program that grants credit hours to students who help kids get ready for the science segment of the all important TAKS tests. Those tests can make or break a school and in some cases, even a school district. … “They’re college students like our students will be and they present it in this great engaging way,” [fifth grade teacher Kasia Barenska] said. “They don’t have to hear it from me again, which is a nice break because we spend a lot of time together. They’re so great at explaining it; they have an infinite amount of patience.”



One Comment on “UTeach Outreach tackles TAKS test”

  1. This would be great for Dallas ISD. I worked with a program like this at UTA in the Arlington ISD. I have tried to get Dallas ISD to look into this but have gotten a brush off from all involved.

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