Wrapping Up, With a Thought to Next Year

While most of these suggestions are geared towards secondary teachers, they’re still applicable to elementary folks.  It’s easy to get caught up in the rush and hubbub of end-of-year events—take some time to reflect upon your year and think about next year.

via NSTA WebNews Digest:

The traditional U.S. school year is wrapping up, with many educators counting down the days they have left to cover new material, reinforce what their students have (hopefully) learned over the past months, and plan for the next year. Part of planning for the coming year is organizing the classroom, lab, and supplies, as well as making sure important details are not forgotten.

“When I am finishing up a school year, I often think of small but important tidbits that I need to remember. I create a document in My Documents on my school server account…I title it something eye-catching, like ‘Open First!’” says Anne Meester, science instructor at West Fork High School in Sheffield, Iowa. “The notes I make for myself are things like ‘Do not wrap the cord around the power supply! You will need to buy several boxes of quart and gallon freezer bags. The math teachers got a lot of graph paper that they will share with me.’ These are just little thoughts that I need to remind myself of after a couple of months away from my room.”


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