Communicating and Connecting with Social Media

Bill Ferriter at The Tempered Radical is quickly becoming one of the most informative education blogs I read.  Today he posts an excerpt from his new book, about using social media spaces more effectively in our schools: 

Social media spaces—when used systematically—can be GREAT forums for building public support for our schools.  What’s more, they can make customized professional development opportunities possible—and affordable—for every teacher. […]

We decided that it was time to start detailing the specific steps that schools can take to leverage the power of social media spaces in their work with adults. 

While we believe that social media spaces have great potential to change the work we do with students, we focused our book on using social media spaces to change the way that schools reach out to parents and the way that teachers learn because those practices are safe and approachable.

Our hope is that as more educators explore social media spaces for communicating and connecting with one another, they’ll naturally look for ways to incorporate the lessons that they learn into their instruction.


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