Rewarding Teachers for Doing More

Bill Ferriter over at The Tempered Radical features a guest blogger today, Ryan Niman, who shares his point of view on the struggle to recognize and reward teachers for bringing intangibles to the table in their schools.

It is human nature to want to ‘do more’. I find that many colleagues, like myself, want to have a larger impact on our students, our schools, and the system.

Unfortunately, the overall system that we’re creating, with a focus on standardized tests, standardized curriculum, and standardized teachers, isn’t conducive to this ‘doing more’. […]

It is a ‘do more’ system based on volunteerism and goodwill and it is not sustainable, either individually or systemically, in the long run.

Yet those are the things that get students interested in learning, might keep a student from dropping out, might help another student choose a career, get parents involved in their schools, so on and so forth.


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