Smart Board Class Discussion

Greg Benedis-Grab from The Inquiry Files has a great post today about the use of interactive whiteboards (Greg uses a SMART Board in his classroom) to facilitate class discussion with his second graders.  The post includes a great video clip of his kids really getting in there and using the technology.

Note: This electricity lesson would be part of the fourth grade standards here in Texas, but the same lesson activities could easily be modified for fourth graders.

One of the challenges with batteries and bulbs with 2nd grade is that it is sometimes challenging to communicate how you configured your circuit to the class.  It is important to have a clear idea of the circuit that we are discussing so that we can address misconceptions and test our ideas.  Students feel empowered when they can communicate their discoveries with the class and take on the role of teacher. To facilitate this process I created simple drawings of the battery and bulbs on the smart board.  I then let the students manipulate and copy these drawing on the board to show the circuits they created. I also had them draw lines on the board between the batteries and bulbs to represent the wires they used in their circuits.  After our work with the battery, wire and bulb students could use the drawings to show where the battery and bulb were touching and how the wire connected. 


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