College Program Grooms Math and Science Teachers

This program follows the same model as the University of Texas’ UTeach program (in name, as well).  I like that the program aims to place its teachers in ALL grades, not just middle and high school.

A program grooming university students to become teachers in math, science and technical fields is giving them early exposure to grade school classrooms.

Using $1.8 million in federal Race to the Top money over four years, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, is trying to lure math and science majors into teaching careers. The program puts prospective teachers in front of youngsters for three classroom lessons per semester in elementary, middle and high school. […]

Unlike traditional education programs, students earn degrees in science, technology, math or engineering and then get a concentration in education through the UTeach program. […]

The model has been effective elsewhere. More than 20 sites across the country are trying the same technique, which was perfected at the University of Texas at Austin. With a current production of about 75 graduates per year, UTeach Austin has more than doubled the number of math majors and increased the number of science majors by six, according to the Texas program’s data.


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