Why are we STILL Wasting Money on Whiteboards?

Bill Ferriter at The Tempered Radical has a definite opinion about the purchase of Interactive Whiteboards as the be-all-end-all of instructional technology.  He waxes somewhat philosophically about what could be purchased with the same money:

I bumped into a friend who is a well-respected instructional technology leader in his large middle school.  He was completely jazzed because his principal had asked him to help spend the school’s technology budget.

That excitement was short-lived, though.  Turns out that his principal—who’d recently attended a conference and seen a slick presentation in the vendor hall—had already bought and paid for 6 IWBs.

Total cost:  $18,000.

Stew in that for a minute, would you?  Do you have ANY idea what you could do with $18 THOUSAND dollars?

Here are 5 different ways I would spend that cash:

You could buy 75 netbook computers with $18 K. […]

You could buy 87 iTouches with $18 K. […]

You could buy 360 Livescribe Pens with $18 K. […]

You could buy 7 YEARS of Poll Everywhere subscriptions for $18 K. […]

You could buy 36 YEARS of VoiceThread subscriptions for $18 K. […]

My buddy’s principal—not to mention his state’s taxpayers and the parents of his school community—ought to look at this list and CRINGE. 

Instead of getting 75 netbooks or 87 iTouches or 360 Livescribe pens or 7 years of Poll Everywhere for every teacher or 36 years of VoiceThread subscriptions for every student, he bought SIX INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS.

No matter how you slice it, that’s wasting cash.


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