Education Policy Should Honor the Obvious

Anthony Cody of Living in Dialogue offers “a short list of seven things that have become obvious, from my position as a teacher. If only our education policies might be constrained by the requirement that they honor the obvious!”

1. Children do not learn well when they are under stress. […]

2. Tests, and high stakes attached to them, are very poor levers for increasing learning. […]

3. It takes time to learn to be an excellent teacher. […]

4. Programs like the Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) in California, that deliver smaller class sizes and time for teachers to collaborate together and do work like this, yield much stronger results. […]

5. When unemployment levels are high, and opportunities are few, students struggle to see the purpose in their education. […]

6. The people in charge of education policy in this country are dangerously out of touch with these obvious things. […]

7. The teachers, parents and students will need to take a visible, public stand to turn education policy in a better direction. […]

What do you think? What else should be obvious regarding our schools?


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