Five reasons we love science

NSTA’s Claire Reinburg shares her perspective (and a wealth of trade book examples) in NSTA’s Press Books blog:

Summer can be a time of rest and renewal and an opportunity for teachers to fit in professional pursuits like reading that new book, taking a workshop, or conducting an in-depth study. In the July 2011 issue of NSTA’s Book Beat, we invite readers to take a step back to reflect and reconnect with a few of the many reasons to love science and science teaching. Click over to read the full July issue, where you can also download this month’s free lessons and chapters.

1. Science Has Stories

Stories can be wonderful teaching tools, and science has stories galore—from children’s books about science to case studies by scientists. Children’s trade books linked to science have the power to draw students in to explore, question, discuss, and investigate.  […]

2. Science Has Mysteries

Students of science often start delving into a topic after encountering a puzzling or confusing event. … The baffling and the unfamiliar can intrigue students and spur them to take on the role of investigators. […]

3. Science Can Make Us Laugh

Using humor in science teaching can be a good way to lighten up the classroom atmosphere while still keeping the focus on learning goals. … It’s good to laugh while you learn!

4. Science Challenges Us

Science teachers love the challenge that studying science brings, from exploring a nearby stream to pondering the significance of the latest fossil finds from Colorado or China. Crafting just the right lesson for the group of students in your classroom is another challenge that science teachers take on every day. […]

5. Science Is Everywhere

[…] Science teachers help children see that science is all around them and that even the smallest patch of grass or pavement can reveal volumes about their world.


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