Education Reform Time Machine

Wow.  Dan Brown writes in his blog Get in the Fracas about how the conversation on education really hasn’t changed in over 20 years:

We’re living in an education reform time machine. I looked up some back issues of the MetLife Foundation’s Survey of the American Teacher. It was fascinating reading…but it ultimately left me freaked out. We’ve been talking about the same stuff for decades. […]

One essay in particular stuck with me: “Education Reform: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly— A Teacher’s Perspective” by Kim Natale….The whole essay is worth reading (pages 13-19 in this document) but here are some prescient and unnerving tidbits:

The problem [in the American public school system] is twofold and is getting worse as the “reform” movement continues. There is a severe shortage of quality teachers, and many of the teachers who are good are so restricted by poor administrators and regulations that it is impossible for them to do a good job.[…]

Mr. Natale’s forecast, made in the early days of the George H.W. Bush administration, more than a decade before No Child Left Behind, has proved true far beyond the 1990s. Is there any chance we won’t be saying the same stuff a generation from now?


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