Google Apps for Teachers

Something we’re looking at very seriously for accessing and sharing information with Leaders in Science members is Google Docs.  What are your experiences with this online app?

The Google Docs method of posting papers ensures that all students are able to easily access each person’s ideas. Whenever I post a reflection, I am sure that my post is visible to those who may wish to give me feedback, and I can quickly access the thoughts of others. In addition, the Google Docs easy comment function allows us to have a virtual conversation that is much like a real conversation. I also love that the Google Docs allows multiple contributors to a single document. … There is something really significant about being able to add to and change a group document like that. It made me feel as though we were all part of a huge, collaborative force of thinkers, all working together to solve problems together. … It makes me consider the role of technology in helping my own students collaborate and share ideas. 


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