Shrinking budgets, saving energy

In a recent NSTA Reports, Debra Shapiro highlights a recent article in the New York Times about schools’ efforts to conserve energy—and save money.

“Schools, once known as energy wasters, are embracing conservation in increasing numbers. A desire to practice the environmentally friendly principles discussed in classrooms has been heightened by soaring energy costs and tighter budgets,” says a recent article in the New York Times. According to the article, schools across the country are turning off lights, unplugging electronic devices, installing energy-efficient equipment, and upgrading lighting and heating and cooling systems. Some districts are even appointing official “energy managers” to inspect schools for energy waste.

To my knowledge, Dallas ISD has no “official” plan or initiative in place to cut energy costs by practicing responsible energy consumption.  Is your individual campus doing anything to lower energy consumption?  Tell us about it!


One Comment on “Shrinking budgets, saving energy”

  1. Doug F. says:

    Lisa reminded me about Watt Watchers of Texas, which was an initiative sponsored by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts/State Energy Conservation Office and the US Department of Energy, and directed by UTEP’s Center for Environmental Resource Management (CERM) Energy Center. Their website ( is offline, which leads us to believe that this initiative (unfortunately) was de-funded. Info on the program still exists on the State Energy Conservation Office’s website, however (, and the idea behind the defunct program is still a sound one. I’m also pretty sure I still have a full Watt Watchers kit in a box left over from my classroom. I’ll start digging.

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