What Kinds of Things DO Teachers Buy for Their Classrooms?

This is actually a timely question for me, personally, as I have been going through boxes of my classroom things which have spent the past couple of years in my garage.  We’re going to be moving after the first of the year, and, well, the less boxes to move, the better.

I was never as good about keeping receipts as I should have been.  And now, looking at some of what I’ve accumulated over my teaching career, I don’t really even want to speculate on what I personally have spent.

Bill Ferriter at The Tempered Radical blog has no such trepidation, and shares his observations after a recent shopping trip:

After swinging through Target and dropping another $10 bucks on supplies that I need for an upcoming science lab, I decided to pull out my envelope o’ receipts and see how much I’ve spent on school purchases so far this year.

Grand total: $875 — and that only includes the stuff I remembered to save receipts for.


What’s REALLY CRAZY is that the $875 that I’ve spent so far — which works out to roughly $73 per month, y’all — is actually LESS than I’ve spent in the past few years. I’ve intentionally cut back on my school spending because I’m as broke as everyone else!


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