Sharing Knowledge and Supplies in Retirement

What do you do with all those great resources you’ve gathered over your teaching career when you decide to leave the profession (either through retirement, as the article suggests, or through career moves which leave the classroom behind)?  Judy McKee at NSTA Reports has some great ideas that you may not have thought of:

Every year, millions of teachers across the country shell out their own hard-earned cash to acquire supplies and resources. They create lessons, bulletin boards, and handmade gadgets. Though they often find it difficult to part with these things at retirement, they hope to pass gently used items to others who will give them new life and value. […]

“Our experience and teaching wisdom far outshadows what we do with our materials.” That makes the process of parting with our collection bittersweet. After all, these things represent the lessons and countless meaningful interactions with students that gave significance to our teaching lives. No wonder it’s difficult to let them go.

A former colleague, the wonderful Fannie J., is a huge fan of sharing her teacher treasures (accumulated throughout her 35+ year teaching career) with her fellow teachers, especially the newbies.

(Photos are from the blog, from a post detailing the amazing haul the parent/educator/blogger had recently found at a retiring teacher’s garage sale.)


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