Major warmth and severe flooding across US Great Plains

The slow-moving storm that came through Dallas last night (lasting well in to the morning commute) is just a piece of a massive weather disturbance which has been making weather news across the US.  Matt Daniel at sums it all up (including some great animated weather radar loops):

Thanks to an area of high pressure dominating the eastern half of the United States, a large, high amplitude trough is having a difficult time pushing east. What does that mean? It means a lot of heavy rain and strong storms “training” over the same areas over a long period of time that results in major flooding across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and eventually into Louisiana and Arkansas. […]

Bottom line: A slow moving system in the western/central United States will bring flooding across the central plains and along the Mississippi River as storms will continue to train over the same areas. Meanwhile, record breaking warmth seen from Florida to Canada will continue through the middle of this week. These extreme temperatures should end by this upcoming weekend as the storm system across the central plains pushes eastward. The severe weather threat continues across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana with wind being the main threats. The main issues will be flash flooding across these areas as the storm system slowly pushes east. Remember: avoid driving in flooded areas. Turn around, don’t drown!


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